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That All May Be One

Azie Chukwunonso Ifeanyi
published on 2015-11-26



What Does It Mean To Change?

            To change means to establish new priorities, that is; to choose a behaviour that is different from the one you are using now.

Learning How To Free Yourself From Bad Habit: It starts with the realization that you cause your own feelings. i.e, You are the major cause of your own problems. The moment one grasp that simple fact, then the person is ready to step into the process of self- change that will lead to freedom from the habits that keep them from living a more satisfying life, and people around you will also be free from the person you use to be before.

A bad habit is like an iceberg which you cant beat if you approach it as if it were only as large as what you see on the surface. You cant eliminate the whole habit in one day but if you take a step- by- step approach you can eliminate the bad habit sooner than you possibly thought.

The truth of the matter is that we all go to great lengths to hide the truth from ourselves about the destructive nature of our bad habits. Too often, lives and families are destroyed before we become aware of the verbal cages that keep us trapped in self destructive behaviours.

What Conclusion should we draw from all these? It is pretty clear, I think you have a better chance of freeing yourself from a bad habit by becoming your own coach, by taking responsibility of your own programs.


Changes is not an event, but a process. Changes happen through series of stages, and most successful self changers fail at least once before they succeed. Willpower alone wont do it. You need to understand the cycle of change, or you risk substituting one habit for another.

Success depends on having the right information and knowing how to use it.

Researchers have identified six clear stages in the process of successful self- change:

1)      Denial

2)      Awareness

3)      Preparation

4)      Action

5)      Maintenance

6)      Termination

For most people, the process of breaking a bad habit is not a straight path that takes them from one stage to the next. Successful self- changes usually follow a path that is more like a spiral, i.e, the move forward, the go back to previous stage, and move on to the next level of commitment one or more times before breaking the habit for good.

Can You Really Change?

 Can You Really Free Yourself From Bad Habits?

Millions of people around the world are living proof that you can. But you must know that before you reach your goal, you need to know where you are going.


1)      Over confidence in themselves

2)      Daily temptations

3)      Guilt and self- blame

The point is this; if you think you will have to spend the rest of your life fighting the urge to go back to your old habit,you probably will. Not because you cant be free of the problem, but because the way you view the problem forces you to stay focused on your old behaviour.

By refocusing on the benefits of your new life style, you replace negative thought with positive ones. Total freedom from bad habit comes when you replace the old behaviour with a new life style.

How do you know when you are completely free from bad habit forever?

Look for this three signs. When you find all three in the new you, you can be sure that you have broken the old habit forever.

1)      You have a new self image (the way you see yourself).

2)      You no longer feel tempted in any situation concerning your old habit.

3)      You have real confidence in your power of choice ( your new lifestyle).